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San Miguel Dried Black Turtle Beans 1kg

Rich and dense, used widely in Latin American cuisine to make bean casseroles and refried beans

Price £3.00

Dried Bayo Beans 1kg

Similar to red beans but with some mottling. Quick to cook and easier to digest than other beans

Price £4.00

Out of Stock

La Morena Refried Black Beans 440g

Classic Refried Beans, perfect with Chilaquiles, Sopes, Huevos Rancheros and Molletes

Price £2.00

La Morena Refried Bayo (Pinto) Beans 440g

Excellent with any dish to add a wonderful twist

Price £2.00

Carey Refried Black Beans 3kg

Catering size of Carey Mexican brand, perfect for parties

Price £10.00