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Notice: You must be 18 or over to purchase alcohol.
By clicking "Add to Shopping Bag" you are accepting that you are of legal age in the UK to buy that product.

UK Chief Medical Officers recommend
Adults do not regularly exceed:
Men 3-4 units daily
Women 2-3 units daily

Mezcal de Oaxaca Viejo Pancho López Reposado

100% Agave 700ml 38% ABV

A very fine Mezcal, created in the excellent agave-growing state of Oaxaca. It shows off an amber colour with natural flavours and an authentic smokey taste. Unique and fantastic to sip on its own or to mix in "mezcaladas".

Price £38.00

Out of Stock

La Cofradía Tequila Reposado

100% Agave 700ml 38% ABV

Aged in an Oak Whisky barrel for 6 months. Very elegant Reposado with a bright pale gold colour. Initial wet-earth, agave and herbal aromas yield to a long, spicy finish. Almost oily and fantastically aromatic.

Price £44.00

La Cofradía Tequila Añejo

100% Agave 700ml 38% ABV

Aged in an Oak Whisky barrel for 12 months. Pure elegance in a hand-made artisan bottle, this Reserva Especial has a lovely gold colour with a deep and smooth taste. Tones of pine and spices all-around with a very smooth, long-lasting after taste. Totally exquisite.

Price £48.00

Herencia de Plata Tequila Reposado

100% Agave 700ml 38% ABV

Designed for those who enjoy complex tequilas. 100% Agave notes, powerful flavours and aromas of spices that are aged for 8 months in white oak barrels. Almost like smooth Brandy.

Price £34.00

Herencia de Plata Tequila Añejo

100% Agave 700ml 38% ABV

Exellent, aged, 100% Agave Tequila. With deep notes of woods, spices and nuts resulting from being aged in oak barrels for over 18 months.

Price £36.00

Out of Stock

Olmeca Altos Tequila Plata 700ml 38% ABV

This 100% Agave tequila has herbal notes of cooked agave, slightly citric and sweet. Very aromatic and fruity. Sweet, well balanced and long-lasting aftertaste.

Price £32.00

Olmeca Altos Tequila Reposado 700ml 38% ABV

Robust, pleasant, 100% Agave. Rested for up to 8 months in oak ex-Bourbon casks. Sweet, fruity and fresh with vanilla and woody notes.

Price £35.00

Concentrado de Horchata 700ml

A popular rice-based drink. Very refreshing. 700ml bottle of concentrate makes 5lts of Agua de Horchata

Price £6.00

Concentrado de Jamaica 700ml

A popular hibiscus drink for cordials, tea or adding to Cava. 700ml bottle of concentrate makes 5lts of Agua de Jamaica

Price £6.00

Jamaica (Hibiscus flower) 100g

A dried flower from the hibiscus plant. Used for making refreshing cordials, tea, Agua de Jamaica and to add red colour to Cava

Price £2.50

Chocolate Dos Hermanos de Mesa 540g

6 circular tablets molded into 8 wedges. The pack makes 24 cups of Hot Chocolate. Ingredients: sugar, cacao nibs, lecithin and cinnamon.

Dos Hermanos is used primarily to make hot cocoa in traditional Mexican form. Use approximately two wedges for each cup of milk or water

Price £6.00

Out of Stock