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Corn Products

13cm long-life Corn Tortillas (1 kilo pack)

100% corn tortillas made from maize. GM, Gluten & wheat free, ready to be eaten.

Price £5.50

Carey Maiz Pozolero (Homminy) 850g

Cooked Corn kernels in water. ideal for Pozole and maize recipes. Gluten-free

Price £3.00

Naturelo 1kg GMO-Free

Finely ground maize flour, ideal for making Corn Tortillas, Tamales, Empanadas, Gorditas and Sopes

BBD 28/06/2019

Price £3.50

Corn Husks 100g

Used as non-edible food wrappers for steaming Tamales, fish and Cochinita Pibil

Price £3.00

Cool Chile Pozole Rojo Kit

Dried Maize, Oregano, Ancho, Arbol & Guajillo chiles. Just add pork or chicken to make red Pozole for 6 people

Price £14.00

(Out of Stock)

Cool Chile 15cm Fresh Corn Tortillas (pack of 13)

Only available in the shop.

Price £2.40