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Dried Chiles

Whole dried Ancho Chile 50g

A very popular, mild chile. Widely used in Mexican cooking to make fruity sauces (Mole)

Price £3.00

Whole dried Guajillo Chile 50g

Very popular and mild chile for bright red sauces. Used for Mole, Enchiladas, marinades and salsas

Price £3.00

Whole dried Pasilla Chile 50g

A mild to medium chile. Ideal for salsas and soups. Used with Ancho to make fruity sauces (Mole)

Price £3.00

Whole dried Chipotle Chile 30g

A medium hot smoked Jalape o chile. It has a lovely smoked flavour, great with meat

Price £3.00

Whole dried Cascabel Chile 50g

The nutty taste of roasted Cascabel pairs well with tomatoes or tomatillos in casseroles, enchiladas, salsas and tamales

Price £3.50

Whole dried Mulato Chile 50g

Along with the other two members of the holy trinity the Ancho and Pasilla Chiles, the Mulato is a key ingredient in mole

Price £3.00

Whole dried De Arbol Chile 50g

A medium to hot chile. Use whole or chopped to make hot sauces and seafood dishes

Price £3.00

Cool Chile Ancho Powder 60g

A mild to medium/hot chilli powder with a fruity, earthy flavour

Price £3.50

Cool Chile Guajillo Powder 60g

A mild to medium/hot chilli powder. It has a bright, tangy flavour

Price £3.50

Cool Chile Chipotle Powder 60g

A medium/hot chilli powder. Maroon colour with notes of wood smoke + molasses

Price £4.00

Otomí diced Habanero 20g

An extremely hot, dried, diced chilli with tropical fruit flavour

Price 3.00

Otomí dried Piquin 25g

A very hot, dried chile with corn and nut flavours. It can be used in hot sauces, stews and broths

Price £3.00